Monday, February 23, 2015


This February weather has been gorgeous. Seriously feels warmer than some Junes here in Oregon!

It is so much fun to have chickens again. Of the chicks we started last September, we have 4 black sex link hens, 3 golden sex link hens and one oops of a leghorn rooster. Mr. Amore, as I like to call him ;) So far he is happily keeping occupied with his little harem and not bothering us humans, I think I will keep him as he seems to be keeping on the alert against hawks. 

The 7 hens are laying an average of 5 eggs a day - yum!

Here is Jed, throwing scratch grains over our future garden bed to encourage the chickens to scratch and till in the compost.

Luke, enjoying himself immensely!

 My raised bed of spinach and kale, so nice that it continued to slowly grow all winter and even in February I am harvesting loads of fresh greens!

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  1. That picture of Luke is so adorable! He has such big blue eyes!
    We just got chicks last week and already can't wait for fresh eggs. They're so amazing.