Saturday, January 9, 2016

Winter Projects on the Farm

Miles and oodles and bunches of fencing... okay, not even a mile, but it sure feels like it. Three sides of our 10 acre plot are fully fenced thanks to some hard working guys (and gal). We still need to fence parts of the fourth side which borders the seasonal creek, and fence our garden area and hog pasture.
I like chickens. Do I need a better reason for frequently featuring fowl on my blog?

 The back fence line of our property. Such a beautiful, secluded place.
 The garden fence - t-posts laid out and ready. I am seriously stoked about having a huge garden this year! Way lot of work, but I love gardening with a passion, so it's worth it :)
 Isaac and I... mostly Isaac, that might be more accurate... put together these new nesting boxes. The chickens seem to be big fans ;)

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