Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 12 - the meals

These are the prettiest beets I have ever seen. Wow, isn't God amazing?

Beet Baba Ghanoush with fresh pita bread. Definitely making this again!
 Grilled cube steak, green beans and applesauce.
 Baked purple potatoes with sauerkraut and other toppings, cucumber/tomato/feta/olive salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. So much yum. I would eat this salad every day for a month if I could... maybe I will! Cucumbers and tomatoes abound this time of year.
 Hamburger patties with raw cheese, tomato, sauerkraut, ketchup, and baked eggplant chips. Not bad! I have been trying to eat several servings of fermented foods each day and sauerkraut, fermented green beans and kombucha tend to make their way into a lot of meals.
 Lastly but most deliciously... raw milk ice cream... the best evah!

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