Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week 13 - Lacto-fermented Salsa

I ordered a big box of heirloom tomatoes this week. So salsa it is!
 3 1/2 gallons later...

 My little helpers, getting into everything ;)
These Dutch heirloom Dragon Tongue bush beans are the best green beans, hands down. When cooked they have a delightfully meaty feel and unsurpassed flavor. Even when you miss a few beans and they become huge, they are not tough at all! Taste just as great as the young beans. Have been a staple in my garden for three years and will continue to be.
I make a pan of chunky gravenstein applesauce every few days from the falls from the apple tree out back. So delicious without any added sugar, just some cinnamon. The boys love it fresh and in addition to freezing it for winter, I have been making applesauce pancakes in the mornings.

This week's gatherings:

CSA share - $25
Veggies - $60
Beans, apples, corn - free
6 dozen eggs - $10
2 loaves bread - $13
6 gallons raw milk - free

Total for week 13: $108

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