Friday, June 5, 2015

Week 2 - Strawberry Season!

Here is this week's gatherings!

I'm honestly kind of nervous about this week's CSA... the garlic scapes, radicchio, kohlrabi, and fava beans are totally new to me. It is fascinating, though, the variety that God has provided in nature and all the veggies I might never have tried had I not bought a CSA!
CSA share

Good food is so pretty

Kale and beet greens - unlimited supply from my garden

Free range eggs

Raw goat milk

Oregon Strawberries

Kombucha - 1st and 2nd ferment in process

Homemade sourdough bread

My grocery store cheat. Sour cream for tacos and plain yogurt for our green smoothies. Can't wait until my friend's cow freshens in July and I should have enough raw milk to make these items from scratch!

My breakfasts typically look like this, now I am able to add veggies in the scrambled eggs - yum!
Bone broth, scrambled eggs, sausage, strawberries, & sourdough bread with butter
Afternoon snacks look like this...

Lunches and Dinners featured in the next blog post as I find ways to use this week's CSA veggie selection!

3 jars goat milk - $17
3 dozen eggs - $3
20 lbs strawberries - $20
CSA share - $25
Yogurt/sour cream - $8
Total for week 2: $73

Parting shot... because those strawberries are just so, so good ;)

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  1. That must be fun to use those unique vegetables! I am excited to see what you did with them. :)