Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 3 - the meals

Here is what was included in my CSA share this week! I was very excited to see kohlrabi and garlic scapes, my favorites from last week ;)

I made a potato hash with sauteed onions, some leftover sweet peppers that were wilting in my fridge, garlic scapes, fresh young garlic, sausage, roasted red potatoes and garnished with italian parsley sprigs from my garden. It was delicious, both as dinner and with breakfast the next morning.

 Lots of fresh green salads this week! Pictured is a mixed salad of lettuce, radicchio, and beet greens. I added the last of my storebought feta, cranberries, sunflower seeds and fresh peas.

This was a winning recipe - balsamic pot roast with onions. So yummy. With it I steamed the young broccoli florets and sauteed the leaves in butter until wilted and slightly crunchy around the edges. I also baked up the last of the frozen butternut squash fries (they weren't yet done when I took this photo, I was impatient to dive into the pot roast so popped them back in the oven after snapping the picture ;)). The garden fresh broccoli was AH-MA-ZING. I knew it would be, but it was incredibly flavorful and the stems were a rich dark green, unlike bland and bleached storebought broccoli. Can't wait to get some more in a later CSA share!

This. Make this. An omelet with sauteed sweet peppers, garlic scapes, wilted kale, and bacon. Sprinkle on some cheese and it literally is so tasty I could eat it every day. I don't know why I hadn't tried kale in an omelet until now... such a versatile vegetable! I am freezing bags full to add to dishes later this summer when there aren't many greens in season.

I turned the leftover pot roast into roast beef sandwiches, kale chips and leftover smoked salmon dip and the last of the goat chevre with rice crackers.

Final dinner - chopped salad with carrots, beets, and peas. Spaghetti sauce with the last of the young garlic, garlic scapes, and garnished with fresh basil. Great flavor!

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