Friday, July 24, 2015

Beautiful Babies - book review

I was hesitant to purchase this book at first, then decided it has been far too long since I spent money on new reading material.

When it arrived, I opened it... and then couldn't put it down.

Everything I have studied regarding Weston Price's research, Nourishing Traditions, and the Cure Tooth Decay diet, all wrapped into one easy read that is tailored specifically towards moms, moms-to-be and babies.

I especially loved that the forward was written by Joel Salatin - very appropriate considering this book is all about supporting local farms by purchasing pasture raised animals for our health.

Yes, as some reviews state this book mostly reiterates WAPF nutrition. Even then, I learned some new things, and it is far easier to reference information than digging through Nourishing Traditions or Nutrition and Physical Degeneration - fascinating books but rather long-winded.

Beautiful Babies is encouraging me to continue prioritizing clean, pasture raised animal products and alerted me to a couple foods I need to phase out of my diet.

Check it out!

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