Thursday, July 16, 2015

Easiest Sauerkraut

Making sauerkraut. 

It all starts with a cabbage.

Which you slice into ribbons.
Collect in a very clean bowl (glass or stainless steel, anything non-corrosive). To which you add 1 T. salt and a couple tablespoons whey (the whey is optional, merely speeds up fermentation process).

Massage cabbage with your very clean fingers for a few minutes.
 ...until it shrinks in size and looks somewhat like this...
 After which time transfer to your very clean glass half gallon jar thustly.
 And start mashing 'er down real good.
 Once the liquid has risen above the level of the cabbage, you are done!
 Add a bit more brine (water with dissolved salt) if required to make sure cabbage is fully submerged.
 Put a large or several small rocks in a ziplock baggie and place in the jar.
 Cover jar opening with a coffee filter, paper towel, cheesecloth... use whatever you have on hand.
You can ferment up to three to five weeks (or longer), start sampling after 10 days until it meets your taste preference. Cover and refrigerate once to desired taste!

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