Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 6 - the meals

I have been wanting to try Zucchini Lasagna for a few years, and oh my... it exceeds my expectations! This recipe is simply fantastic! Another great use for that abundance of summer zucchini. I omitted the spinach and oregano and included kale, fresh parsley and basil. Along with this I made a beet, pea and homemade Goat Chevre salad, with from-scratch Ranch Dressing. Chevre pairs perfectly with beets!

This recipe for cross rib roast turned out perfectly juicy and flavorful, I will definitely be making it again. The leftovers slice up well for sandwich meat. Paired with roasted beets and steamed broccoli with a simple cheesesauce. Delicious.

I made a 'goulash' of sorts - reminiscent of almost every breakfast growing up, which consisted of some sort of starch such as rice, potato, or leftover noodles, stir-fried with all manner of leftovers. Here I made a wild rice, green onion, sausage and egg scramble, and paired it with a kale salad.

Pesto Meatballs using the leftover Carrot Top Pesto from last week. They were very tasty! Served on wild rice with a side of Zucchini Chips and blueberries.

This was my attempt at southern cooking - chicken nuggets (fried in tallow to be at least semi-healthy) and homemade honey mustard, kohlrabi coleslaw, and kohlrabi greens sauteed in butter. It was an instant hit!

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