Saturday, July 4, 2015

Welcome To My Kitchen: From Scratch

Making items I would normally buy at the store is fun! During my kids' nap time I usually go nuts in the kitchen and uncover hidden treasures of flavor.

Without the distraction of weekly grocery shopping, I find I am becoming better at finding uses for items that are about to expire, have more time to be creative with less well known items, and gleaning crops that might have gone untouched.

It is simply amazing how much food we Americans tend to keep in the recesses of our pantry or freezer. I used to think I was a minimalist - now I know I am not, but would like to increasingly be a better steward of what we DO have.

Also learning balance in all things. Including this 22 week food project, there are certainly other areas of my life that need less time invested... and other areas that need more time.

Mint Extract: Easy-peasy! My goal is to add this to homemade ice cream...

Beet Kvass. A wonderful summer tonic.

Cashew Butter: I so wish I had a high powered food processor or Vita Mix. This was the best I could achieve with my tiny food processor. Still very good! I added coconut oil, as well.

Crispy Cashews - okay, I had a lot of cashews sitting in my freezer ;)

Sourdough Crackers! Now my two toddlers' favorite snack. I accidentally made a double batch so this is actually a good thing ;)

 The World's Best Beef Jerky... actually, I can't verify that fact, but it really does taste fabulous. As a bonus it is super easy. You should try it :)

And last but not least... <insert drumroll>... Foolproof Homemade Mayo! I am SO excited to have finally succeeded at making mayonnaise. I tried several recipes using my Kitchen Aid blender... all failed miserably. Tried this recipe using a different size of jar than the recipe stated... also a flop. Follow the recipe e.x.a.c.t.l.y. and you will succeed. SO much quicker than the 'drop by tiny drop' method of adding the oil. It tastes just as delicious as I imagined!

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