Thursday, July 16, 2015

Week 8

Lookie at my 'free' food items this week! Thanks to a generous gift card from one of my students, helping with my folks' garden, and our own chickens.
My fall garden is going in slowly - Ed Hume seeds ordered and ready to plant...

I also harvested some yarrow that grew behind the shop, it is in the process of drying for winter cold remedies.
Parsley and basil from my garden...
My Cultures for Health order came!!! Now here's to yogurt, sour cream, and mozzarella-making :)

Something fun I have been trying to help me drink more water - adding sprigs of fresh mint to a jar of water and letting it infuse. Tastes very refreshing.
And here is this week's CSA share :)
Here is this week's gatherings:

CSA share - $25
6 jars raw goat milk - $18
4 dozen eggs - $8
8 lbs blueberries - $15
Assorted produce/blackberries/herbs - free
Seeds - $9
Cheese/Yogurt/Sour Cream cultures - $40

Week 8 Total: $115

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