Thursday, July 16, 2015

Week 7 - the meals

Here were a couple meals from this week :) The rest have been posted before... what can I say, most of these meals are worth a repeat!

Chicken Caesar salad - bacon, chicken, hard boiled egg, dubliner cheese, lettuce, green onion, and creamy ranch dressing with fresh parsley and basil!

Meatloaf with roasted whole garlic, roasted rainbow carrots and young potatoes with fresh pesto.
Bread slathered in strawberry jam for my Honey's work lunch, just because I love him :)

Ways I used this week's CSA share -
Rainbow carrots - roasted and raw
Young potatoes - roasted
Basil - pesto, salad dressing
Lettuce - tacos and salad
Garlic - roasted
Zucchini - zucchini, beef and onions
Tomatoes - tuna melts, tacos
Green onions (garden) - caesar salad
Kale (garden) - omelets
Beets and greens (garden) - roasted, raw in salads, and leaves in smoothies
Bell pepper (garden) - raw dipped in homemade mayo

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